eDirtBikes Mission statement

We are dedicated to increasing the use of eDirt bikes.  With electric vehicles increasing in relevance we see the opportunity for them within the dirt bike market. Cleaning up the world of dirt bikes.  Still dirty.  Still fun.  

why e-dirt bikes?

An eDirt bike or electric dirt bike is a type of off-road motorbike that is powered by an electric motor instead of a traditional internal combustion engine.  No surprises there really.  

The bikes provide similar off-road capabilities as conventional dirt bikes.  Similar but in many ways better!  With electric propulsion they are quieter, have zero emissions, and potentially lower maintenance requirements.  Go eDirtBikes!

our core values

At eDirtbikes we are pretty simple folk.  Our core values reflect this.  A simple set of five core values.  We use these  throughout our site.

  • Act With Integrity
  • Planet first principal
  • Embrace Innovation 
  • Be Ethical 
  • Have Fun